Support is handled via email help desk at, or Call 727-768-6115 9-5pm EST.


General Information

Domain Transfers take up to 1 week. If you purchased a new domain and want to transfer the domain, it can take 2 months for full conversion. Please consult Emboss Webworks before new domain purchase.

When launching a site using SSL, issues can occur for up to 48hrs. Emboss will provide launch date information. Launch date is subject to extension based on unforeseeable issues outside of Emboss’s control.

If the launch is extended due to clients new changes of scope or client prohibiting Emboss from meeting its deadline, Emboss will notify client of launch new date status and fees will apply. See below for penalties due to overdue revisions extensions.

All client data is stored on a secure google Drive server where assets are shared. In the case of a severance, Emboss will provide client access to remove any/all assets for a 30 day period. Afterward, the clients file is closed.

Any server-side issues that may occur can take up to 24-48 hours to propagate especially with DNS changes.

Client agrees to any Third-Party Providers terms and conditions.

All prices are subject to change.

We offer no guarantees of search ranking.

Web Development

Average Web Development takes about 3-6 weeks, unless stated otherwise. Issue may arise due to server side propagation and can extend the the time of development.

Websites are subject to 1 major revision and 2 minor revisions. Additional revisions will require an additional $500. Client will have 1 week to provide revision feedback. After 1 week, client will incur a fee of $25/per day added to the final bill.

All Web Development costs coincide with Web Maintenance costs and are inseparable services. Upon first payment of Development services, client agrees to the standard 12months agreement.

Any and all Web Development work are subject to any third-party intervention including; price change, updates, plugins, broken themes, and integration issues which can arise with any Open Source software by which Emboss LLC. is not liable and any/all repair is subject too fees. *Emboss will inform client before incurring a fee.

Web Development payments are paid half down and the remaining payment upon completion of your project. Failure to furnish remaining payment two weeks after work is completed is subject to website deactivation and a $5/per day fee. After 30 days, final invoice will be submitted. A reactivation charge of $500 if after 30 days.

All Web Development projects are created within the scope of each theme. Any feature outside the bounds of which the themes standards are considered a Customization and are subject to fees. It is important to navigate all the themes features before purchase.

Any copyright published by Emboss LLC. is permitted by client upon publication.

Any un-copyrighted material including; photos, music, art work, and content in general that are used to develop the website under the consent of the client are solely liable for any penalty that may incur by law.

There are no guarantees of web ranking in any search engine.

100% W3C validation is not guaranteed. We will do our best to comply and provide every effort to reach this standard.

We cannot control peoples web browsers, just like email spam filters. All of our websites are compatible with most major browsers given our recommendation. However, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer or (IE) have been known to cause issues with modern web browsers due to lack of standardization set by the industry. If someone has issues viewing your website, chances are they have issues viewing everyone’s website. You should gently ask them if they have updated their browser and point them to one of the links below given their preferred browser.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome

For the most part, sites we develop are up-to-date and cover the following browser versions, with exception to the theme you choose: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome. (Note: beyond these examples, we stay up-to-date with the latest browsers).

Responsive web design, responds to the user’s device (ie: phones, tablets, etc.). Same as with browsers, there is no standard width and height so your site may appear different on some devices. We cannot guarantee that your website will be exact on every browser and every device.

Active clients receive our Guarantee: “that if you site gets hacked, we will fix it for free.” There is no guarantee your site wont get hacked.

Web Maintenance

Why is Website Maintenance necessary?

Emboss Webworks is a full service, digital agency. To offer the best value for your money, found a way that creates a win-win for our client’s. Our team decided to lower our Development costs for web design and add an affordable Maintenance plan (not to be confused with Website Management). We found out that, clients who said they wanted to “maintain” their website did not have the expertise which resulted in a blacklisted, malware infected site with no backup files, resulting in a un-restorable, broken website and higher bill to repair the damages. Furthermore, clients were re-directing thier customers to these websites! (Bad for business!)

By adding an affordable Maintenance Plan our client’s have the benefits of saving thousands of dollars up front, a fully secured website, a change account (see below), recurring file/database backups, and dedicated support team to help you with anything web related.

Most businesses need more than just software & security updates. Our client’s benefit from a point-of-contact for support to help make minor changes to their web service.

Web Maintenance, Social Media Management, Product Management, Membership Management, Email Management, YouTube Management, and Ad Management all apply as the same in terms of payment & penalties.

Maintenance starts upon first payment of Development services, for the standard 12months agreement. Breach of agreement at anytime will incur a 35% fee based off the full Maintenance costs of 12 months (For example: If client breaches agreement 6 months prior at $200*12months = $2400. Client has already paid 1/2 or $1200, the fee is $2400*.35 = $840 penalty). For more information on Maintenance see below section.

Client must provide 30days notice prior to maturity of the Maintenance term to avoid penalty.

Any issues that arise from client side tampering of code can cause damage to you website and result in fees to re-establish website on a per hour basis. (Agency rate).

Clients have Net 15 terms on all payments. Emboss will provide 3 notices within a 1 week period. After the third notice, a 2% interest fee will incur for up to 30days. After which the clients debt will be passed over to collections. We are not a collections agency.

Core theme updates happen from time to time and do incur a fee (not exceeding $500 for average sites (1-15 pages)). The reason is because core updates involve labor intensive activities to regenerate broken features from the old theme.

Changes that go beyond you monthly budget will be billed at our agency rate of $75/hr. with a minimal retainer of 2hrs.

Support requests will be answered within (1) business day. Depending on the nature of the request, each case is different in terms of time to completion. We usually handle requests within 24hrs.

Emboss offers a guarantee that if your site gets hacked we will fix it for free. If however your site(s) not our servers, this guarantee is void and cleanup will be billed at the standard agency rate. There is no guarantee that your site(s) will be fully recovered. Any work to recover the site(s) without success is still subject to labor costs.


Client is responsible for third-party licensing fees and sub-licenses from our master license.

No guarantees that software will play nice together. Software is refundable upon 3rd party terms.