Our digital agency services are tailored to each client’s needs and since each client is different, we recommend an initial consultation to understand your business & goals. Below is an general list of services but if you don’t find what your looking for, contact and we’ll see if we can help you find a solution.


Rise Above the Surface

We first started our business designing websites and being our #1 sold service, we continually over-deliver a quality product. Let us guide you through the entire process, making it easy to start and finish. Utilizing the latest software and browser capabilities, we can help your business – Rise above the surface.


Attract, Manage & Measure.

When it comes to marketing and advertisement management, Emboss looks at how we can save you money, drive revenues and provide insight to actionable metrics. Whether your a startup or mature company, our team provides a next level service to reaching your demographic. We have built some great partnerships in media buys for your benefit.


& Reputation Management

Social Media is great for businesses but most owners have not even scratched the surface or learned to harness the power of these communication and distribution channels. Emboss provides strategic plans to grow your audience, protect your reputation, deliver consistent brand messages with detailed reporting features.


Local, Global, & Targeted

Most businesses need an SEO plan in order to compete in organic search. If your business model is long-tail or just getting on the first page, we can index it correctly and get your seo stats up. Also, we don’t take on competing clients in the same geographic area (1-2k mile radius), or major industries. Get real ROI!


Create, Design & Develop

Have an idea or an opportunity worth pursuing? Let us start from raw materials and build it with UX in mind. We design everything to spec, the way you want it and then prototype to deployment. We can even help get your app off the ground with split-tested advertisement targeted to your audience.


Updated, Backed up, Protected

Most people think they can manage a website but we found this to be false, resulting in hacked sites, time wasted and frustration. Let us handle it so you can get back to doing what you do best. Need tasks to be done? Send em’ over. Backups? Oh yeah. What about updates? One word…Updated! Support? Yup.


From Low Cost to Highend

Take advantage of our video & photography services to get your message out. We have an on-site green screen studio and some of the best video equipment including; 4k Black Magic video cameras, drones, lights and mics. We also offer animation, 3d renderings, virtual tours and maps.


Strategy, Design, Engage

Content Marketing requires an on-going schedule using on-page blog content, social media engagement and other on-going promotions and events. Emboss offers flexible retainer services to get your brand in front of the right people, saying the right things on the right channels.


No More Mixed Messages

Branding is the heart of every business. Your message should be consistent across all marketing channels and your client’s should fully understand who you are and what you do. Sending mixed messages frustrates and confuses your potential customers resulting in time and money wasted. Does your business need to recalibrate?


Reliable, Secure, Scalable.

ost businesses don’t know the benefits of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or Dedicated servers. Often businesses settle for slow, shared hosting plans that actually lower search credibility due to overstuffing, stale IP addresses, and lack of authority. Hosting with Emboss is a smart decision for EVERY real business.


Dream It and We Do It

From pylon signs, channel letters, car wraps, illuminated signs, business cards labels & more. Let us bring your concept to reality. We offer affordable printing with high-end quality finishes. Get information on billboard advertisement cost and targeted mailing lists in your area.


with Web-Based Tools

Emboss helps businesses work efficiently and smart with modern web-base applications. Let us help your company from start to finish in automating systems such as; accounting, CRM systems, Business apps, response systems, dashboards, email automation, customer service tools and many more. Workflow is key to helping businesses succeed!


Business Models, CX, & More

Expertise and knowledge are cost drivers or savers for wise business owners. Save time and money getting expert advise in areas such as UX, Design, Marketing, SEO, Retail, IT, eCommerce, Social Media and more. Get some guidance and learn from from wise business-minded pros who have successful track records.


Convert High Call Volumes

Start collecting payments over the phone with our IVR Payment solution. We develop custom phone payment gateways to help you accept payments more efficiently, save money and provide an overall better customer service. Our platform is scalable and custom using voiceXML language. Use any processor and own the code!


Secure Measures, Hack Repair

The web is crazy! Sites are getting hacked by the minute with brute force attempts and most succeed but not with Emboss, we fight back and win! Whether your securing a website, checkout, or passwords protection, we solve it for you and repair hacked sites. Clean up your act today!